Change and embracing new ways in Real Estate!

Most of us have grown up with technology that was not very user friendly, painfully slow and crashing all the time, so we have developed mental blocks to technology systems, particularly to manage things on a daily basis, like tasks and clients.

There’s an old saying that if you change nothing, then nothing will change, well in todays world that’s not strictly true, because in Real Estate if you do not embrace new technology then you will not compete with the competition that does!   Changing the way I managed my clients and daily tasks, to Estatepad was the best thing I have done in ages, but it does take the desire and open mindedness to overcome those technology mental blocks. In actual fact EstatePad IS easy to use, simple to operate and it does save me time, and make me more efficient.

Why would you spend an extra 10-15 hours a week doing things with old systems?  The iPad and EstatePad have changed Real Estate Agents technology for the better. Forget web based systems, notebooks and painfully slow computers!   With the iPad you turn it on almost instantly, you can take it around with you and you don’t need to plug in. Combined with EstatePad – designed by top agents, you can’t do any better!

Make the change to EstatePad and the iPad today.  If you do you will be one of the lucky ones who was prepared to embrace new technology to save time and make yourself more professional.  Take the time and make the change, beat the competition, who are bogged down in old technology.

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