EstatePad on the iPhone

Haven’t bought an iPad yet but want a Real Estate CRM tool on your iPhone? The team from EstatePad have just submitted an iPhone version of our popular iPad App for review to the App Store. NamedEstateAgent this App will bring you many of the same features as EstatePad but will run on your iPhone. You’ll be able to manage tasks, load and sync contacts and keep track of your listings. Obviously since it’s on the iPhone you’ll be able to make phone calls from within the App allowing you to quickly and easily contact potential buyers and clients.

Some features of EstatePad will be left out of EstateAgent for the time being. These include the Twitter and Facebook feeds and the ability to keep track of tenants. These (and other features) will be included based upon your feedback, so if there’s something you’d like added to EstatePad or EstateAgent then please let us know – we crave constructive feedback.

We’ll try and put together a simple help page for EstateAgent but the functionality and navigation is pretty much the same as EstatePad – just with a smaller screen, so the existing help manuals found on this website should help you for now.

Expect to see EstateAgent on the App Store sometime mid-December.

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