The Quick & the Agents that don’t survive!

We live in the world of instants, microwaves, cell-phones, fast food, everything is designed to save you time by being instantly available, so it is no wonder that the majority of property hunter’s will often be frustrated at the response time from real estate agents, and I am almost certain every single agent has lost certain business because they have been slow to respond, and they probably don’t even know it!

Lets not forget meeting someone while out and about who has asked you what you have for sale in a particular category for example investments in the city, you frantically make a “Mental Note” or jot a note on the back of a business card……how many have you taken a day or two to get back to properly or lost altogether?

Its not because the agent is slack, but rather away from their computer’s were crucial email requests arrive and property enquiries are forwarded, often away from the office or home computer for most of a day, it can be the next day by the time these are attended to…….

Well not anymore. This EstatePad system eliminates this problem, in fact you can deal with client inquires right before their eyes and quickly and simply email then right on the spot….they will be impressed, to make it even better you will automatically be reminded to call them by EstatePad at whatever frequency you so desire, enter details, match, email and reminder call all done on the spot, you are the most professional and responsive agent I have ever met! Way to go EstatePad!

You don’t need to be technologically a wiz, this system is so easy to use, just make the effort to embrace this soon to be industry standard system!

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