Version 1.1 changes

We’ll be submitting version 1.1 for review soon. This fixes a few minor issues found by our early adopters recently and introduces some improvements. Specifically:

1. A Mass Update screen will be added, allowing the user to delete or email multiple users at the same time.

2. You can now delete a prospect event (such as an Open Home).

3. Fixed a problem where new contacts added through the prospect page weren’t getting synced correctly with the address book. A second contact could potentially be created.

4. Orientation change on the FaceBook login page is now enabled.

5. Fix a bug whereby sellers aren’t saved.

Also in the works in a Chinese version of the App. We’ll also be including a few extra features pertinent to Real Estate Agents in Asia, but which may also be relevant to Western Agents, particularly those working on Apartment sales.

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