Frequently Asked Questions

Can EstatePad integrate with my backend listings service?

Not yet. EstatePad is sold internationally and we can’t connect to all the different API’s provided by all the listing sites and MLS’s. We are investigating the possibility of integrating with national listing aggregators, such as Zillow in the US or trademe in New Zealand. That way an agent is able to pick their listings from these sites to load their listings, rather then have to type them in manually. For the time being please remember that EstatePad is only intended to keep track of properties that you are listing and selling. It only takes a few minutes to setup a new listing in EstatePad so the time required to set these up is minimal.

Can EstatePad data be shared with a Personal Assistant or other members of my agency?

We encourage users to manage their contacts in their mail services and have this linked to their address book on their iPad. This address book is used and updated by EstatePad. If, for example, you and your Personal Assistant share an email account (such as then any changes that either of you make are updated to each others Address Book and from there into EstatePad. If you’ve setup your mail account to sync with IMAP (Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Outlook etc) then this sync will happen automatically, without needing to plug the iPad into a computer. The existing app (Estatepad & EstateAgent) are stand alone systems, we have a new web based system called EstateDashboard that has sharing and fully syncing capabilities, contact us at to organize a demo of the EstateDashboard web based system.

At this stage only Contact information can be synced this way.  Please view our help video about setting up a contact sync for more information about how this works.

Do I get free updates and is there a monthly charge for using EstatePad?

Updates and support are free. There is no monthly charge or maintenance fee for using EstatePad, it’s a totally free. If you want to upgrade to our web app system “EstateDashboard” that has all the souped up features and can sync between agents in an office then there is a monthly subscription, but the app system remains free.

I am not sure how to get my client list from my existing system (excel, outlook etc) into EstatePad?

We encourage users to load their contacts into their iPad Address Book and from then sync from the Address Book with EstatePad. This means that your iPad Contacts Database is your Master List and any changes or new contacts that you make in EstatePad will also be reflected in your iPad Contact List. If you’ve setup your iPad to use Microsoft Exchange Server (with an outlook or gmail) then contact information can automatically be synced between your iPad, phone, Mail system and EstatePad.

Who owns all the data on EstatePad?

With EstatePad you own your client information exclusively.

What will I need to be able to use this application properly and make me totally mobile?

You will need an iPad or iPhone & an iTunes account, where you can access the App Store and purchase EstatePad.

Were is my information backed up?

Your information on the EstatePad (iPad version) & EstateAgent (iPhone version) is backed up within iTunes just like your music, movies and other Apps. If you lose or damage your iPad you can use iTunes to restore your data to another device.

EstatePad is Free, for a complex iPad App, why is that?

EstatePad (iPad version) & EstateAgent (iPhone version) are free to use as they are simple version of our total package system which is called EstateDashboard (web & mobile version) to use EstateDashboard you pay a monthly subscription, if you like using the app’s contact us to get a demo of the EstateDashboard system with all its souped up features.